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Have moaned tediously for many years about never quite finding the right amplifier to match my annoying pernickety speakers, I suddenly find myself listening to it. To be brutally frank, this is quite a strange amplifier, taken by the standards of the rest of the market. It is exceptionally clear and clean, yet errs on the sweet and velvety side (whereas the Sugden Class A amps fall the other side of the middle marker). It has blistering perceived power given its rated power output, and a strangely capacious bass that underlines the music just in the right way, yet it’s never overblown or ponderous and doesn't slow things down. Treble is silkier than a Chinese cheongsam and yet the midband is clear enough to communicate every last nuance of the recording, right at the back of the room.


Given my obvious enthusiasm for the Musical Fidelity AMS35i then, I feel I should find some criticism by way of balance, but it’s not easy. I suppose you could say it’s not quite as lavishly finished as some of the most expensive Japanese integrateds, but I’m afraid that’s the best I can do by way of retort. So if you’re looking for an exceptionally beguiling, wonderfully open integrated with just enough power for a large room, this is bound to warm the cockles of your heart.



Marantz TT1000/SME V/Lyra Titan i turntable

ANT Audio Kora 3T Ltd. phono stage

Sugden IA4 integrated amplifier

MF Audio Passive Magnetic Preamplifier (silver)

NuForce Reference 9SE monoblock power amplifiers

World Audio Design K5881 (modded) power amplifier

Yamaha NS1000M loudspeakers

verdict five globes

Blissfully sweet yet open sounding integrated with superlative rhythms and eye-watering detail.


Musical Fidelity

+44(0)20 8900 2866


- natural musicality

- cavernous soundstaging

- silken tonality

- breathtaking detail

- remote control


- price



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